The Balinsec Pellet is effective since the formation of the nests in the trees until some days before the beginning of the processions of burial of the caterpillars, all times that the caterpillars are in the nests, what generally happens in winter, during the first hours of the morning, when the ambient temperature is lower than 10⁰C. If the ambient temperature is higher, the caterpillars can be outside of the nests, with what the treatment would be ineffective, for which that, in the event of being necessary to carry out the application at a temperature higher than 10⁰C, it will be necessary to check the presence of the caterpillars previously in accessible nests that are exposed to identical micro-climatic conditions.

The shooting of the Balinsec Pellet against the nests located in the high branches (1) it is usually easy when one has the aim elements of the airgun correctly adjusted. Especially in this kind of shot it exist the risk of receiving fragments of the nest, or the rebound or the falling down of the pellet.


When you shoot against nests located in inaccessible branches located to smaller height (2), try to face thick branches or the trunk of the tree from behind of the nest to stop the pellet that crosses it. In the case of the nest represented in the opposed side of the tree (3) in the figure, it would be necessary to change the shooting point so that the pellet cannot escape freely after crossing the nest.

In accessible nests do apply the Balinsec Pellet by hand or prune and incinerate the affected branches. Don’t shoot against accessible nests for the great risk of causing damages.


The use of a correctly adjusted telescopic finder facilitates the precision, as well as the observation of the entrance of the Balinsec Pellet into the nest when one learn to maintain the airgun immobile, viewing clearly the nest, after pressing the trigger, until the pellet attains the target.

Although in the figure it has been represented a marksman on foot in a standard position of shooting (4) it is not a matter of making an exhibition of Olympic shooting neither shooting against a target that will escape, but rather the most comfortable posture possible should be adopted to assure the shot.

When the caterpillars have completed their development, generally when arriving the spring, they abandon the nests and they descend the trees below the trunk in the processions of the funeral to become chrysalises under soil. In that moment it is no longer useful to apply the Balinsec Pellet.